Cabinet supplier milestone as we reach 1,000 fits
14 Jul 2022

We are extremely proud to mark the milestone of selling 1,000 kitchens since the launch of Sunridge Supply in Kelowna. Our early customers will recall our first showroom that was crafted in a stall in our horse barn and then being offered a glass of wine in our kitchen while we did pricing and plans. Our newer customers are now able to enjoy the full cabinet experience in our larger space on Innovation Dr.

No job too big or small

No job has been too big or too small and we have enjoyed meeting our friendly customers and planning each job with them. From the early days of doing the planning while sitting in our own kitchen to our eventual expansion into having a dedicated showroom and full time staff, the journey has been fun and inspirational.

 We have done projects for summer homes and cabins that only needed a bit of extra storage and projects for the most discerning client whose kitchen had over 40 cabinets and the butler'sbutlers kitchen behind it had 24!  We love the renovation kitchens where we are able to design an island in for a customer who previously had little work space and see how they fall in love with their kitchen space. 

Thank you to our customers

We want to thank each customer who has put their trust in us from the beginning of their building process. We are privileged that you chose us and value your business. 

Providing a great service

From the beginning, we knew that if we offered a great product at a fair price, we could transform your space within a budget that was affordable to almost everyone. With the large volume of cabinets we stock in our warehouse and our super fast delivery we have been able to rapidly supply kitchens and vanities to each of our customers. 

Each of the partners in the company has spent the majority of their careers in the customer service industry and knows the value in being trusted to deliver a great product at a great price- and always with a smile. The staff are well trained and enjoy being part of a business that puts the customer first. 

How kitchens have changed

When we first started Sunridge Supply, the trend was more in having wood grain like Maple and the cabinets were highly lacquered. Over the past 8 years we have seen a steady climb in painted finishes, like the White and Grey Shaker styles and a product with a low to medium gloss lacquer as it shows the fingerprints less! We also see that as our customers get busier with their lives, they want their kitchen to feel simpler with clean lines and less ornate trim and moulding. 

Looking to the future

As we continue to grow our business and supply to more areas, our expansion has included new dealers in several BC cities and innovative business planning. We spend a lot of time researching other designs for new ideas and stay active in our social media presence so that we get a feel for what people are looking for and where the trends are heading. As each day ends, we always are grateful that our goal is to stay client-centricclient centric as that is the key to our success.

If you have a dream to change your space and want to see the possibilities we have to offer, give us a call today and we can get started on your project right away! 

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