How to improve the value of your home...
11 Aug 2022

How to improve the value of your home…

A kitchen or bathroom remodel - or both - can add real value to your home if you are looking to put it on the market.

Here are our top tips for preparing your home for sale:

Tip one:  Replace your cabinet/vanity doors

Updating bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors can give your space a clean new look by removing cracking/peeling melamine or outdated/worn cabinets. Keep your look neural so that it is appealing to a larger group of customers interested in purchasing. When looking for quotes to replace the doors be sure to compare pricing on replacement of just the doors to the cost of complete cabinets that are ‘Ready to Assemble’. You may just find that you can get a quality all wood RTA cabinet for a fraction of the cost quicker than it would be to do custom cabinet doors.


Tip two: Replace outdated Appliances

By replacing outdated appliances, you will not only have the opportunity to modernize your kitchen but also help with reducing electrical costs by purchasing appliances that are energy efficient. Don’t forget to check for possible rebates that might help to reduce your cost. Ask us to share our discount code for appliances to save even more money! 

Tip three: Replace Lighting

Just like cabinet doors, your lighting fixtures can make a bathroom or kitchen look outdated so updating your fixtures can increase the value of your home. If you have a workspace that is not well lit, then adding lighting to the space will make it more inviting and easier to work in. Lastly, look at upgrading your bulbs to LED bulbs. Not only do LED bulbs use less energy and produce less heat but they can have more lumens than an incandescent bulb helping to brighten up those darker spaces.

Tip four: Add a fresh coat of Paint

Remove outdated wallpaper from your walls and replace them with a fresh coat of paint. Through the power of first impressions, a fresh coat of a neutral paint colour can be used to brighten a room, make your space look newer and help to create a consistent appearance rather than a different colour for each room. If you have recently painted within the last year this is a step you can skip.

Let us help get you started on updating your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets today by providing you a Free 3D Plan and Quote for our quality RTA Cabinets made from plywood boxes and wood doors/drawers.