Island or table? Which one works best for your family and space?
26 Dec 2022

As it is usually the room that is used the most in a home, planning and creating a kitchen that is practical, functional, and styled to suit you, is super important when you make decisions about whether you should have an island, a table, or both if the space allows.

When space does allow, most homeowners choose both as they each offer great benefit to your kitchen space.

Island or table 1


To have or not to have: Table…..Or Island…...

Almost every person dreams of having a kitchen island. A space to stand while you chop and prepare food, extra storage, somewhere to keep awkward appliances like mixers and maybe even a second sink. Not to mention the electrical power so that you can have your laptop showing you the steps and instructions of recipes you dream of making.


Here are a few benefits to having an island

Island or table 2

  • Great place to sit and visit with the host as they prepare food
  • Easy work station for laptops
  • Perfect area to set up snacks and drinks when entertaining
  • Use it for crafting, games or puzzles
  • Perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee
  • Provides extra cabinets for extra storage
  • Creates more spaces for family and company to sit at
  • Can be a divider to define kitchen and dining areas
  • There are lots of options to consider in your island. Maybe you want a wine fridge or microwave cabinet? If you opt for cabinets on both sides, the ability to store lesser used items on the side where your stools are is a great idea. No matter what your needs or lifestyle is like, an island gives you a lot of storage options and can really make your kitchen look like the dream kitchen you have always wanted.


Charm of the family table

Island or table 3

Never underestimate the power of a table to bring closeness to a family. A table can offer a space where your family can meet, share food and laughter, and create traditions to last forever. It can be a place to share stories and memories. If your kitchen is small, a table can give you the illusion of a bigger space because of the open space below it. They are a convenient and flexible piece of furniture in so many ways. There are also thousands of styles of tables available to suit any space you have.

Kitchen or dining tables can also define the space between the working area of your kitchen and the eating area if you have a very large space or even an open floor plan. Many tables offer extra inserts, or leafs, so that you can expand the size if you have more guests. Having a table to seat your guests at can often keep them out of the ‘chaos’ of mealtime cooking and preparation.


What would a kitchen island or table really offer your space?

So having explored some of the benefits of both a kitchen island, and a kitchen table, there are a few other things that an island could offer to your space. Keep in mind that you should have at least 38-42 inches of space around the island to enable easy access and space for appliances in it. The kitchen table won’t give you extra storage, but has the perks of being a family and friend gathering space. An island could give you extra cabinets, drawers, or maybe even shelves to store cookbooks and collectibles.

Whatever you choose, the kitchen, and whatever design for it you choose, will always be the main gathering place in your home. You will spend many hours in it, and we hope that you contact us for a free 3D drawing and quote when you are ready to start your dream! Email us at to get started today.